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Proteins, Vitamins and Digestive health!

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the ULTIMATE Meal Replacement Protein Shake.
the MAXIMUM amount of NUTRITION for the MAXIMUM amount of HOURS! 

3 Different Proteins  - 3 Different Rates of Absorption!

P 1

Collagen Protein

Being the second most abundant substance in our body behind water, Collagen Protein absorbs fast, putting P4 to work almost immediately. And not only is Collagen great for building healthy muscle, it’s also a powerful supporter of healthy joints, organs, and even SKIN.

P 2

Whey Protein

The go-to protein of elite athletes around the world, Whey protein takes the body several hours to absorb and use. This keeps your body and muscles fueled, while helping to suppress your appetite, keep you full longer, and even helps to burn calories and support a healthy metabolism.

P 3

Pea Protein

Like the other two, this this plant-based protein has some serious benefits. Its unique ability to lower levels of the hunger hormone grelin help keep you feeling full even longer to maximize your weight management. It’s even been proven to support healthy a heart and kidneys!

P 4

Pre & ProBiotic

Because managing weight and being healthy starts in your gut, P4’s probiotics and prebiotics give powerful support to your digestive system, helping to maximize the benefits of our proteins, while supporting your immune system to keeping your body healthy, lean, and strong


Prebiotics provide a health benefits, as they are believed to defend the digestive tract against harmful pathogens.
They are also known to feed and increase the friendly bacteria (probiotics) in the digestive tract, which is the major aspect of our immune system, and increasing their numbers is shown to prevent infection and stimulate our entire immune system.


Probiotics are often called „good“ or „helpful“ bacteria because they help keep your gut healthy.  They may improve digestive health, immune health and promote heart health.  Some evidence suggests they may even give you better-looking skin

PLUS 21 Vitamins and Minerals!:

Essential to your body’s health, most people don’t get enough vitamins and minerals in their daily diets. With everything from Vitamin B for energy production, Iron for building muscle, and even Iodine for metabolism, P4 fills that void and POWERS your body even MORE!

Ingredients - p4:

Serving size is 2 scoops in 8 oz of cold water.  15 serving sizes per package.

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